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Travel, experience and discover the beautiful nature.

Be aware of the nature around you, the flora and fauna, learn to view nature with other eyes, ture over the water and smell the forest with all its scents, taste and listen to… The silence. Nature has so much to offer, in so many different respects. Join us on adventure, an adventure that brings you closer to yourself.


    Travel to Nature; A holiday in Nature with all kinds of outdoor activities for everybody. Travel and Yoga; You can make a start

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Journey to unspoiled nature

A holiday in nature with all sorts of outdoor activities for Everyone. In nature, the peace begins in your head. You can escape your daily thoughts. A holiday in nature and between the wild life will recharge your battery. You will have your natural Balance.

Combination of travel and relaxation yoga

You will experience what nature can do for you to To get rest in your head. Four holidays in nature with all outdoor activities and combine This with relaxation yoga. Nature and Yoga gives peace and balance. Suitable for everyone for adults and for Families.

Yoga Retreats

Yoga teaches us to balance body and mind and to bring the spirit and To balance consciousness. Especially in our hectic 21st century, yoga is a good Way to unwind and relax. We organize retreats in collaboration with various yoga teachers.