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Bra Liv Travel,

Explore and discover the beautiful Nature.

Be aware of the nature around you, the flora and fauna, learn to view nature with other eyes, ture over the water and smell the forest with all its scents, taste and listen to… The Silence. Nature has so much to offer, in so many different respects. Join us on adventure, an adventure that brings you closer to yourself.

Go on tour and explore Nature with our qualified guide Dennis Daselaar from Dalarna Outdoor.

Explore and discover the beautiful wilderness and culture of Dalarna with all your senses! Nature has so much to offer, in so many different ways. Come to Dalarna and join us on an outdoor adventure.

How wonderful to stay in a very small authentic Swedish village together with the Swedish inhabitants. Get to know the Swedish culture … in the middle of beautiful nature with many outdoor activities. That is why Bra Liv Travel offers traditional houses for accommodation in our small Swedish village.. Escape the hustle and bustle of the Netherlands for a while, you will completely relax here.

Wilderness tours all year over. We make a programme for individuals and groups.  And also we organize retreats in collaboration with yoga teachers.

You prefer other accommodation we offer nice places in Dalarna.


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