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St Helena

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Africa and South America, lies St Helena, one of the

most remote islands in the world. Along with Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, St Helena forms part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena. The island boasts some extraordinarily scenic, untouched landscapes ranging from dramatic cliffs and towering sand dunes to the lush green hills of the sub-tropical interior, all of it is surrounded by pristine beaches and glistening ocean where dolphins and whales are often spotted. Visitors will be blessed with world-class opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, ornithology, marine trips, diving and fishing. The island is perhaps best known as the site of Napoleon Bonaparte’s exile and death, as commemorated by his historical residences, the Briars and Longwood and his now-empty tomb.

Overnight: Mantis St. Helena

In anticipation of the influx, Mantis Development is restoring three beautiful old Georgian buildings on the island. When complete, these will form the Mantis St Helena, a luxury hotel comprising 30 en-suite bedrooms and attractive dining and bar facilities.

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